STUDIOS @ gWorks

FAQ’s – Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.



Where do members and visitors park?

Just south of the concrete driveway off the Protection Avenue entrance there is a beautifully landscaped parking area with permeable pavers, pedestrian paths, and ample lighting. There are spaces for cars, bikes, and motorcycles.


Are the Studios available for use 24/7?

Yes, each member received an automated door access fob.


Where are the nearest bathrooms?

Directly across from The Break Room, we’ve built the coolest industrial chic bathrooms in the Berkshires.


Is Greylock WORKS handicap accessible?



Are pets allowed?

Sorry, but no pets are allowed in the building.


How about smoking?

There is a smoking area near the south entrance. There is no smoking or vaping permitted in the building.





Who manages the space?

gWorks’ team is your direct point of contact for any issue or concern (or accolade ; )


Is there security?

There are multiple security cameras installed throughout our campus and consistent foot traffic thanks to The Break Room, a fantastic eatery focused on local food.


How often will the common areas be cleaned?

Light cleaning will happen daily with more extensive cleaning on a weekly basis.


Can anyone use the lounge and open desk areas?

These spaces are available to Studio members on a first come first serve basis.





How much to be a member?

Please send an email to and request a current rate sheet.


Are there any additional costs, such as electric, heat, and AC?

Nope, that’s all included.


How about internet access?

Yes, that’s included too! In fact, we’ve installed fiber broadband at gWorks so we have a very robust wireless signal.


How are membership payments processed?

Invoices are processed monthly via email and you can pay online.


Will members be able to extend their membership?

Yes, assuming they are in good standing, members will be offered the opportunity to extend ahead of any applicants on the wait list.


Is a move-in / move-out deposit required?

Yes, for private lockable studio space there is a retainer fee equal to one month’s membership, which is returned to the member when they leave, assuming there has been no damage to the space.


I want in – how do I sign up?!

Super, fill out THIS QUESTIONNAIRE and someone from our team will get right back to you.


Oh, one more question… I’ve heard great things about the residential condos, when will they be available?

So glad you asked! Learn more about the LOFTS at Greylock WORKS at this link. Subscribe to our email list to stay informed.