Map from 1904


In the early 1900’s, Greylock Mills diverted a portion of the Hoosic River to harness hydropower via a Flume, which drove a network of belts that turned hundreds of cotton-spinning looms with renewable energy.  Constructed with huge granite slabs, the Wheel Room, Belt Room, and barrel-vaulted Tail Race lie below the Main Mill and traverse under Route 2 to a vacant parcel of land along the waterfront.  This inspirational infrastructure has since been contaminated by subsequent uses – primarily aluminum processing.

Rather than viewing the Flume as a liability, we view it as an extraordinary asset – latent with the compelling story of its hydro-power past – to inspire action to address the cultural and environmental imperatives of our time. It is our challenge and opportunity to re-conceive what a FLUME could look like today.

The vision to revitalize this nine-acre campus grew out of an appreciation for the Berkshires. We’re responding to the community’s clear desire, outlined in the City of North Adams’ Vision 2030 Plan, to spur economic development while safeguarding the region’s core characteristics of mills, farming, and cultural vitality. We’re fostering artisanal food production as a cultural complement to the bounty of fine arts, performances, and liberal arts education that are already so abundant in this natural landscape.

The movement to safeguard healthy regional food systems is growing. Our programming strives to increase access to nutrition, engage multiple generations through convivial interaction around the terroir of the region, train a hospitality workforce, and help support a philosophy that values the intellect, the arts, and the natural environment. 

Food as Culture is a medium for education, sustenance, and pleasure. It entices tourism, provides an anchor for locals, celebrates diversity, and nourishes collegial networks. 


As architects, we leverage design with regional research to create inspiring places to work and gather as a catalyst for economic development. We have collaborated with the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College to conduct feasibility studies for value-added food and beverage production that expands the viability of local agriculture. Thus far, topics have included hard cider production and related long-term planning with collaborating orchards, rooftop farming and a related CSA, as well as an indoor aquaponics facility that avoids the use of plastics and builds year-round resiliency of a continuous growth cycle fueled by solar power.



Over 50,000 people visit Greylock WORKS annually. In our main event venue, our FESTIVE Holiday Market draws about 2,000 people for a two-day event. In response to increasing popularity, we commenced a weekly Mini Maker Market in the summer of 2022, which offers makers a consistent platform to share their artisanal goods with the community. We prioritize a Farm + Food program, featuring workshops and agricultural advocacy in our Culinary LAB.



We have donated BUILDING 11

– a magnificent ± 10,000 square foot heavy timber roof-truss structure –

to be a permanent asset of our existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit, focused on interpretive sciences that fortify ecologies.


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