To celebrate its 35th year as a Berkshire-based book publisher, Storey Publishing has enthusiastically teamed up with local food champion Berkshire Grown to bring you a day of delicious demos, talks, and tastings in our kitchen as part of our HEIRLOOM by design festival. Enjoy presentations by a few of Storey’s most passionate authors, enthusiastic staff, and community partners as they demonstrate artisanal techniques and share their knowledge of crafting a more hands-on, self-sufficient lifestyle in harmony with the environment around us.


Make sure to visit Storey’s booth just outside the demo space to have your books signed by authors Rosemary Gladstar, Brittany Wood Nickerson, and Nicole Blum and Jonathan Carr immediately following their presentations, and to browse through books representing the best in cooking, gardening, farming, nature observation, kids’ activities, herbal medicine, natural self-care, traditional crafts, and building. With more than 600 titles in print, there’s a Storey book for everyone interested in expanding their skills and engaging more actively with the natural world.

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Rosemary Gladstar

Herbal Medicine: Traditional Remedies for Today’s Lifestyle

Recognized as the oldest system of healing on the planet, herbalism continues to flourish as the people’s healing art. Founder of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary, beloved teacher and longtime herbalist Rosemary Gladstar shares her insights on plant medicine’s relevance and usefulness for addressing common modern ailments such as stress and inflammation and for supporting overall wellness.
Brittany Nickerson


Cooking with Herbs

Learn the medicinal qualities and broad applications of a variety of aromatic culinary herbs and how to use them in your cooking and in the home pharmacy. Make and sample Lavender Lemonade and Mint and Feta Bruschetta with Edible Flowers from Nickerson’s cookbook, Recipes from the Herbalist’s KitchenDemo and Tasting
Carr's Ciderhouse


Making and Using Cider Syrup

Cider syrup — aka boiled cider — is an old Colonial American pantry staple with a sweet, tangy, and complex flavor profile. Learn the basic steps of boiling cider along with tips and recipes for using the cider syrup. Share in the tasting of at least one recipe demonstrated by Nicole Blum and Jonathan Carr, authors of Ciderhouse Cookbook. Demo and Tasting
Jake Levin


Home Sausage Making

“The Roving Butcher” will take you through the basics of how to craft delicious sausages at home, including how to pick the right cuts of meat, how to assess which spices and herbs to use, and how to mix, grind, and stuff sausages. Jake will also describe the process for dry-curing and smoking sausages, tips featured in his first book, The Smokehouse Handbook, releasing in April 2019. Demo and Tasting.
Jeanne Davis


Beginning Beekeeping and Pollinator Planting

Explore the connection between pollinators and our environment, the life cycle of honey bees, and the challenges and rewards of helping them. Those interested in starting colonies of honey bees will find resources including Storey books 100 Plants to Feed the Bees and Homegrown Honey Bees, along with suggestions about how to begin. A discussion of hive products and a taste of local honey rounds out the workshop.
Carleen Madigan and Liz Bevilacqua


Kombucha-Making with Storey

Learn how to make kombucha, including choosing a vessel, brewing the tea, and growing a SCOBY, with troubleshooting tips and methods from The Big Book of Kombucha. Enjoy a tasting of inspired flavors featuring locally grown fruits and herbs.
Mark Phillips of Hosta Hill


Learn to Ferment!

Join Mark Phillips of Hosta Hill and Earth Cultures to learn the basic process behind vegetable fermentation. Using recipes from Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, Mark will cover the essential steps for successfully preparing naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles at home with nothing but vegetables, salt, and a little bit of love and patience.


On loop throughout the day

Keep the Hives Alive, a 36-minute film directed by Trent Waterman, describes the miraculous and critical role honey bees play in our environment while educating the public of the dangers of bee-toxic pesticides and sharing the stories of beekeepers whose livelihoods have been jeopardized (and some lost) by the continued use of these toxic products.
For additional information on the film and on what you can do to support sustainable agriculture, visit

Programming is free with your HEIRLOOM entry!

Thank you to our local sponsor Storey Publishing and event partner Berkshire Grown for bringing FLAVOR to HEIRLOOM.